"It takes less time to do a thing right than it does to explain why you did it wrong."      
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Welcome to my personal website! I am a compliance and ethics professional who enjoys developing creative solutions which allows entities to maintain compliance while establshing efficient performance. This website is for informational purposes only.  

- All the best, Walter

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HCCA Compliance Institute

This year, the Health Care Compliance Association is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary of the Compliance Institute. I'm attending and I look forward to virtually seeing you there. 

Automotive Brief

As an automotive enthusiast, I created and managed a website entitled, "Automotive Brief" for several years. After removing the site from the web, I posted a few items within this website. After receiving multiple requests, I decided to relaunch the website. Check it out: www.automotivebrief.com


This month's book is


The Accidental Compliance Professional 

by Roy Snell


Last month's book was


Buidling a Career in Compliance and Ethics

by Joseph E. Murphy and Joshua H. Leet


Previous books were:


Building An Ethical Culture

Edited by Art Weiss


The First Information Is Almost Always Wrong: 150 Things To Know About Workplace Investigations

by Meric Craig Bloch


Investigative Interviewing: It's Not Just What You Ask, But How You Ask It

by Meric Craig Bloch


Workplace Investigations: Techniques and Strategies for Investigators and Compliance Officers

by Meric Craig Bloch


Compliance In One Page  by Deena King


The Revolution in Ethics and Compliance 

by Michael Volkov



Here are ten websites that are useful for obtaining compliance-related news and events. They are listed in alphabetical order. 

1) Compliance Blog of Wall Street Journal 
2) Compliance Week
3) Data Breach News Today
4) FCPA Blog
5) FCPA Compliance & Ethics Blog
6) Health Care Compliance Association
7) Health Care IT News Day
8) Kaiser Family Foundation 
9) MetricStream
10) The Network: Integrated GRC Solutions

To see more, click here!



Understanding the Different Mandates Between Legal and Compliance 

by Michael Volkov


Visit my video page to see other recommendations. 

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